Executive Committee

Every semester the Gamma Iota chapter elects an Executive Committee. Their responsibility is to plan for upcoming business meetings and discuss the details of issues that will be brought before the chapter. Members learn invaluable leadership and organizational skills. The Executive Committee consists of current business or economic students that fill the following roles:

  • President
    • Jorie Weyer
  • Senior Vice President
    • Mark Seaver
  • VP Pledge Education
    • Patrick Scharrer
  • VP Finance/Alumni Relations
    • Lynette Martinez
  • VP Chapter Operations
    • Ava Mueller
  • VP Professional Activities
    • Luis Villa
  • VP Community Service
    • Melissa Clinger
  • VP Scholarships & Awards
    • Cameo Lambert
  • Chapter Webmaster
    • Dominic Garcia-Chambers
  • Chancellor
    • Anjelica Lopez









The chapter also elects two alumni brothers to advise and guide the chapter as a Faculty Advisor and District Director.

  • Faculty Advisor: Brian Gillespie
  • District Director: Brittany "Sunny" Loera