Purpose of Pledge Education

The purpose of pledge education is to formally present Fraternity history and information to our potential
members. In addition, pledges will learn the business operational requirements of the Fraternity through the
planning and participation in various projects described in this program. The pledges will become familiar
with the opportunities and obligations available and expected through membership, including: knowledge
of basic local and national Fraternity history and operations; meeting procedures, etiquette and
organizational skills; special event and fundraising planning skills; and the Fraternity’s emphasis on
personal and professional development of the individual.

The course is typically ten calendar weeks and is coordinated with the University of New Mexico's academic calendar. This is a time for pledges to get an in-depth preview of membership and make a final decision on their pursuit of membership. Likewise, the evaluation method(s) described in this program will be implemented by members of the chapter to determine which candidates will best represent the Fraternity and uphold its professional objectives.

The vice president-pledge education (VPPE) is an elected officer of the Gamma Iota chapter and has a primary
responsibility for the implementation and development of the pledge education program. In larger chapters,
where a Pledge Education Committee may be desirable, the VPPE may delegate tasks to committee
members in administering specific parts of the pledge education program. Nevertheless, as the elected
officer, the VPPE is fully responsible for the enforcement of all portions of this program and the policies
that pertain to it.

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